I live in Buenos Aires. I’m a content producer, storyteller, writer, translator, journalist, book editor... I have my fingers in many publishing pies. I’ve been working in the publishing industry for ten years on both fiction and non-fiction projects.


I’m a self-starter, curious, restless, autonomous, responsible, creative, agile and organized.


I’m interested in new technologies, in the written word as a collective language and in experimental writing as it relates to social media. I love making lists.


Almost all of my experimental writing can be seen in the Art Lab section. In a past life, I used to be a blogger under the pen name Ana Wu.


I published a book in 2011 called Red Social (Social Network). Some say the things I do are linked to the field of digital literature. In 2019, I published Dedicatorias (Book dedications).


In 2014, I created and produced a podcast with friends called Recital. We invited different writers to read aloud a story they considered original and not widely known. Thanks to it, we discovered lots of new stories.


In 2015, I took part in an Art Lab at CheLA and created a video called Mala Sangre.


I believe in work with no frontiers. I’m passionate about languages and working with other countries and cultures. I’m bilingual (Spanish-English). My family is Italian but I learned the Italian language at school (my grandparents spoke Sicilian).


I am trained in public speaking as I was part of the debating team in high school and took part in debates each Saturday.


I graduated in Communication Studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) university (yes, I did finish the major) and took an English teacher training course at Lenguas Vivas. In 2015, I went to Scotland on a postgraduate scholarship to study British literature.


I started working as a journalist at 21 for the Buenos Aires Herald English-language newspaper. I have also worked for Perfil, NatGeo, Newsweek, and Les Inrocks. Now I’m focused on book publishing. I’ve been working as a book editor for Penguin Random House since 2013.



Fotografía de Paula Salischiker


Ph. Paula Salischiker

I love learning new things and meeting people. I’m addicted to courses and workshops. I've taken many literature courses (you can see the list on this website) but I've also taken took guitar lessons, cooking lessons, yoga lessons, dancing lessons, swimming lessons and even diving lessons. My professional profile and education can be seen in detail here.


Well… These are some of the things I’ve done and I do. What I still can’t say is who I am. I started psychoanalysis at 18 and I still haven’t figured it out. Perhaps this website will help me discover more about myself.